Art Kiri (teen+)

2015-06-26 16.32.18

Heading home the other day, I saw a picture in a gallery that had two arms coming from it in a “palms open” open gesture. I started to think about this – bringing 3D art from the paper – and for some reason the whiteness of the arms and the paper made me think about how dynamic it would be if the art was killing itself – the physical action of dying for one’s art.  But on further consideration, I realised that just using the arms to hold a sword – whilst being quite cool, wasn’t accurate – but perhaps using a paint brush, drawing blood, may be a far better image.

So I created the above.  I googled “bloodline” and got that image – it’s actually a moving GIF (by Cougar4576; available from but I used that as a base and edited the image a little to remove some of the low-res jaggies.


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