Games of Thrones – character builds (pg)

I set this as PG as I suspect that many younger readers of this blog may not have seen G.O.T., but may have seen the trailers or (and I realise this may be very, very unlikely these days) read the books (I haven’t).

I may have changed the names a little, but that’s because I can never remember the real ones…

2015-05-22 17.00.38

Tyre Iron uses standard LEGO parts in my collection – the body is from the collectible series Shakespeare.

2015-05-23 08.13.27

Denise is a custom project.  The dragon is a custom part made by Crazy Bricks (it was a Kickstarter campaign for Munchkin parts). The cape and curved body are both custom parts by Arealight. I had to adapt the cape to allow the hair to fit!

With the exception of the dragon, All of Denise’s bits were bought through


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