Speed Champions – McLaren P1; a quick review (all)

LEGO has just released a new theme of model vehicles under the name “Speed Champions”.  In this series, there are a number of standalone models, but also a few more slightly expanded car+set models. I saw a couple of vehicles in my local supermarket and decided to get the McLaren P1 as it looked (in my opinion) probably the coolest looking.

The box cover
The box cover

The build itself was quite comprehensive – the instructions run over two booklets which I thought was quite a lot for what is (in effect) a small build… especially when there are a number of “combined” pieces (the wheel axels for example could be made using a 2×4 plate and two 2×1 technic bricks rather than the one piece element.  There are also stickers… lots of stickers… I didn’t realise that in order to build LEGO I would need two pairs of tweezers to be able to apply these things straight and properly (and even then I reckon that they need re-application as they look a little off – and the sticker print colour DOES NOT match the brick colour, which has a more orange yellow than standard anyway).  And breathe – I suspect because I’m not someone who will just be playing with it I have a different view on this…

The final result does look good, but it is a case of “if LEGO built a car it would look like this” because as we all know in LEGO World only lorries have two seats in the front, everything else only has one”.  So we only have a single seat for the minifigure. I can understand that adding a second seat could cause a challenge to the designers, but then if you’re already designing specialist parts…

What I find particularly interesting about this model is that it looks good, when using the right amount of perspective.  The pictures below highlight what I mean – which is that if you look at it square on it looks okay, but if you look at it at an angle (or top down) it looks narrow.  To show this, I’ve set it next to Nick Fury’s car – the main body is the same width and they are the same length, but the SHIELD car looks in better perspective.

So having mostly grumbled about this – are there any saving graces?  Well, it does look nice and that yellow is an unusual one.  The use of a snowboard as a spoiler is a neat touch and the front and back constructions are really nice.  But I think I will carefully consider if I want to get another to have a race.

2015-05-02 18.29.13 2015-05-02 18.24.24 2015-05-02 18.24.35 2015-05-02 18.24.46 2015-05-02 18.24.56 2015-05-02 18.25.06


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