You can’t leave that… a Legends of Chima joke (pg+)


Leonardis and Lundor go into a tavern and order a drink each, which they both gulp down.  They order another, then another, then another until Lundor feels quite dizzy, and slumps to the floor whereupon he starts to snore.  Leonardis gets up, pays for the drinks and goes to leave.

“Hey” said the barman “You can’t leave that lying there!”

“It’s OK” replied Leonardis, “I’m not leaving a lion there.  That’s a Snow Leopard!”

(*so the original involves a man with a giraffe; and if you don’t know the Legends of Chima product line then you won’t realise that each character – and tribe – is based upon on animal.  Leonardis IS a lion; and as noted Lundor is a Leopard.  But in Lagravis’ castle, this is a very, very funny joke).


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