Star Wars – ERRR: No Hope (all)

2015-04-03 08.24.15

I had really high hopes for this image – and in my mind it is still quite funny, but the caption just escapes me.  What we have (on the left) are three rookie Stormtroopers, and on the right, two much older troopers who have seen it all before. If you’ve ever seen any rookie-becoming-soldiers films, you’ll recognise the set up.

The fun part of all this is that the ones on the left are from the new LEGO “Star Wars Rebels” line and the ones on the right from one of the original Star Wars sets.  As the SWR is set five years before the original Star Wars (now known as Star Wars IV) you’ll realise that if these guys were to actually meet the ones on the left wouldn’t be the rookies at all but the other way round, having seen five years more combat!

But of course, the original Star Wars came out in 1977, rather than 2014 – which means that in the future our Troopers will have it harder – lessons such as higher doorways, better technology will have been lost…

“You kids; you have no idea how much easier you have it now than we have had in the future; forward in my day we will be have given really rubbish technology and Bert here will be still is nursing that concussion from the fact that the doors were much lower back forward then.”

My head still hurts from trying to work this one out….


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