Instructions to Make your own Shawn the Sheep! (all)

A couple of people thought my Shawn the Sheep was cool and with the film coming up, I thought I’d publish instructions…

2015-03-21 07.24.40

2015-03-21 07.51.38

(and if ever there was a reason for buying Mixels, it was the ball, socket and eye parts!)

I’ve laid the parts out as (L-R) Body, Head, Legs, ‘wool’

2015-03-21 07.51.56

2015-03-21 07.52.34

2015-03-21 07.53.13


I will also note that the legs aren’t as solid as the rest of the model.

2015-03-21 07.53.40

2015-03-21 07.54.26



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