Who said the path to enlightenment was easy? (all)

This is Guru Downsuru. He is a widely respected wise man.
2015-03-16 18.45.47
As part of his enlightenment, he walked the deserts barefoot in the heat of the sun. Consequently, his feet suffered quite terribly from hard skin build up and constant blisters and that heat withered his body to the point he has to be carried everywhere.
2015-03-16 18.46.11
Additionally, his diet for many years has just been ginger root, raw vegetables and tea from the cinnamon plant. For this reason, many find his breath difficult to bear and he now wears a mask.
2015-03-16 18.48.06 (1)
But he’s very, very good at what he does, and it is for that reason he is known as the “Super Calloused Fragile Mystic, vexed with Halitosis.”

I’ll get my coat…
I should point out that I originally got this joke from the cartoon strip “pearls before swine”.


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