Too big? (all)

2015-03-11 20.26.29

There’s a term that I’ve heard recently – “First World Problems” – which have been typically complaints and grumbles for things that really we shouldn’t complain about… but do (“The Barista made my low foam soya latte with High foam”). How I’d mentally laugh at some of these things (“I have to reach across my damp car to be able to wipe the windows of my SUV”) … and then I got a room upgrade.
Now, I love my room upgrades (as I’m sure we all do – a better room for the same money? Count me in!) But I was given a suite… the size of two normal rooms. I have a living room and a separate bedroom… and there is a kitchen. It was (and I will make my “all” status here for what I actually thought) VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY awesome! But as I sit at the desk, in the furthest corner of the room typing this, I have to conclude that actually it is a little large. I don’t spread out when I’m in a hotel room – if I can’t hang it somewhere then it stays in my case; when my wife has joined me she’s had to search out my bag to check that I have actually stayed in the room… and yes, I will make my bed in the morning too.

So this image is very representative of what is my own First World Problem. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to inspect the free mini bar…


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