You Need Hands – a Shapeway order (Teen)

Looking through the 3D printing site, there have been loads of things that I have thought “ooh, that’s neat”.  I have a 3D printed ring that I can put LEGO onto – and in the past I have shown pictures of other accessories which have been added to custom builds.

I recently bought four items from Shapeways – the first was a zombie skull in white; I think it will benefit from painting as the detail that exists on the head really doesn’t show up in normal light.  Consequently, I haven’t taken any pictures.  But what I have taken pictures of are the next three beauties.  What I will say though is that because we are dealing in very small measurements, the tolerances that exist within 3D printing mean that what is produced won’t exactly match up to the micrometer measurements – and because this is one-off printing I guess that there is little scope for adjustment.  Consequently the results can be a tight fit, or require subtle additions of Blue tack to pad out the grip between parts.

Let’s start with the hands…

Very_Bad_figs ( has produced a number of hands that can be used with LEGO figures… and I decided to get hold of the “finger” and “thumbs”.  I was not disappointed…!

Everything really is Awesome!
Everything really is Awesome!


(apologies of the focus – I couldn’t get a decent picture of what are decent hands!)

A while back, I bought a custom beer can from ( Now, my minifig really likes beer, but as you can see, without proper exercise he is starting to show the effects…


From the side:


The curve is not a smooth one, and you can see the subtle colour difference, but again, this is a cool addition to the set up.  The “fat torso” was designed by John Studios (

I set this as Teen as I figured that as I was showing beer, fat bellies and middle fingers it was definitely “bad boy” season!


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