Looking after your elves (all)

This year, LEGO introduced a new theme – that of “Elves”.  Now, with a more esoteric interest in the subject, I did wonder whether LEGO would take the “Disney” approach and make it all light and fluffy… which of course they did.  Sadly (to my thinking) this has reinforced the gender gap in their themes – Elves is very much a girls range.   I bought “Aira’s Creative Workshop” (41071) and as a present, LEGO also included the polybag “Azari’s Magic Fire” (30259).  These are definitely at the “pocket money” end of the sets.

What you get is “Friends” with different printing.  They have pointy elf ears and tattoos on face and left arm (who said Tattoos were only for bad boys and sailors? 🙂 )  What I did like was that even though these were first run items, there wasn’t stickers in the box, but printed parts.  The build themselves were easy enough with a few little things which I did think was “neat”.

2015-03-06 17.24.10

I have since given Sue Azari (above, left) and will be looking after Aira… after all, you’ve got to look after your elf.  I know that she will help me… a sort of Elf Service, if you will…. okay, I’ll stop now…


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