Inukshuk (all)

2015-02-20 20.44.33

In Canada, the First Nation used navigational markers to indicate safe harbour, or as a trail marker for routes through the hills.  These makers were typically made from stone and had the shape of a person.  They were a very effective survival tool.

When I was in Vancouver (and in Whistler) I was fortunate to see a few of these – one in the bay and one on the piste at Whistler (I suspect though that that ones I saw were modern homages).  Anyway, I felt that a model of one would be an excellent token from my holiday – a marker of a wonderful holiday.

Except – I couldn’t “just” have one I bought from a tourist shop.  Whilst in Vancouver I was able to pop into the LEGO store and in the Pick-a-Brick Wall I saw a 2×1 brick with a smiling face – and decided that would become the face of my Inukshuk.  So back home again, I mounted the head.  Don’t think I did a bad job, really…

A real Inukshuk
A real Inukshuk

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