Series 13 Collectible Minifigures (all)

2015-01-19 21.45.07

So here’s a shocker. The LEGO Collectible Mini Figures (CMF) series 13 figures are now out… and I’m not collecting them! Normally by now there would be another 20 or so figures in the study – 16 behind the perspex in the collection and the others being used for some photo, vignette or whatever. But this time, I’ve decided to come to the end of the line – at least for this series for the moment.

My reasoning is simple – I collect because I enjoy looking at the figures, appreciating the detail between each one and the ability that comes from being able to swap heads, bodies etc as needed. But in my opinion, this last series has already started to repeat ideas that really didn’t need repeating. Having a cyclops was a nice model – but another one? And unicorn girl is (IMO) another fancy dress character – which I’m fine with, except Hot Dog guy is already in the collection. Additionally, there are some elements that I like – such as the saw and the carpenter’s T-shirt – but because these are blind packaged it is financially easier for me to just buy the parts I need from an online shop like

To be fair though to come up with over 200 different figures is no simple task and that’s one reason why I have collected them to date. And actually, even with CMF13, there are one or two figures (such as Hot Dog Guy) that are fun and interesting – so I have just collected those directly.

And strangely, I haven’t missed it at all. Let’s see if CMF14 is any better.


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