Some Custom parts – a review

So, before Christmas I headed off to my favourite custom LEGO websites and bought a few things.  Because it was christmas they arrived this week, so this was my first chance to look and play.  So, in gentlemen’s order, let’s start with the ladies:

From I bought two skirts.  Unlike the standard LEGO skirts, these are more flared from the body and don’t really wrap round.  The long skirt almost touches the ground and in my opinion looks better than the current approach of using an angled brick:


The short skirt is, well, shorter – coming to about knee length.  Because it flares out like the long skirt, it does have the appearance that the wind has got underneath it – so the “naughty mind” in me made sure that the lady wearing it does at least have some form of underpants on!  Of course, there’s always one…


From also came two further really cool custom parts – a fishtank and a cupboard:

4 3

The fishtank comes with a black “Brickarms” crate (I added this stand and the lid as the crate is black – see later picture).  The effect comes from the fact that the printing is on one glass, with a second blank glass standing in front of it.  The bookcase is printed onto six 1×6 bricks (you can see the separation between the bricks in the picture).  Overall though this provides a nice background feature to a living room.

9 10

I do like my beer – and I like to be able to offer it to my LEGO characters too! The Old Ale (colour scheme of Old Speckled Hen) and Genius (I leave you to work out this one) are excellent prints of tins, complete with the keyhole top.  You can see the black crate in the top of these two pictures.

Finally, I also bought these printed parts.  I don’t believe that I need to explain what I may choose to do with these…

16+ also provided a number of items for me.  They have recently expanded their printed LEGO to include tile accessories – and the quality is very high and comes with a subtle humour to get round any legal copyright problems.


The parcel also comes with a set of instructions – and given that my postman now tells me that it’s more LEGO as he hands over the box I think tells you everything you need to know here!

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s the breakfast cereal company Weetabix promoted their porridge product Ready Brek with the visual presentation of kids glowing as they went to school (if you missed them, here’s a link to a youtube clip:  Of course in modern days, I suspect that any suggestion of people glowing might get a different reaction:


A while back I bought an Oyster Travelcard (you need one of these to travel on London’s buses and trains) and I was pleased to see that have now released an underground map to go with it…


Finally on the show and tell (as I also bought a clapperboard tile and a record sleeve which I haven’t photographed yet) is this carrier bag – perfect for those trips to an actual shop!


I ought to mention that “Minecraft Steve” was bought through For christmas, LEGO released a minifgure sized Minecraft theme, which I think is more appropriate than the first IDEAS Minecraft theme – mainly because it allows for a greater scope for playability.  I also bought a couple of other elements from Firestartoys, but I think I will just let them turn up in photos this year…


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