The Advent Story (Day 24) (all) (809 words)

Hello and welcome to the last day of The Advent Story! Now, you’re probably thinking “but surely yesterday was the last day of the story – Jack got the boy and the boy got the girl and everyone lived happily ever after?”  Well, to some extent you’re right – THAT part of the story did finish yesterday. But of course, this story has been wider than just the pantomime story, and we can use all kinds of… what is that squeaking, rumbling sound?

2014-12-24 07.20.58

Oh, hey Catherine – wow! Is that what you did with all the wood? You made a massive manger set prop!  That’s brilliant – and I love the “Happy Xmas” on the top! But why is there two plates filled with Edam, Cheddar, Jarlsberg and Double Gloucester?  Because tomorrow is all about the baby cheeses?  Oh, grief!

2014-12-24 07.23.15

So, as a way of saying Thanks to all the people who have appeared in the story, and as Catherine is already here, let’s bring on Chippy as well…

2014-12-24 07.21.44

So Catherine and Chippy continued their happy lives together, creating further sets and props for stage shows and musical productions.

2014-12-24 07.22.27

The two child actors Colin and Katy are still working through stage school, although Katy did have a problem with the sudden fame from this story, resulting in a centre-page expose in the popular gossip magazine “Really?”

2014-12-24 07.23.51

PC Dibble and PC Clink are still out on patrol – and for a quick serious moment, I’d like to thank everyone involved in the emergency services who will be working tonight and dealing with those revellers who have had just a little too much Christmas cheer; I just hope your night shifts are not too difficult.

2014-12-24 07.24.33

The Sarge is currently undergoing Anger Management therapy.  Or would be if it didn’t make him so angry when he gets to them.

2014-12-24 07.25.03

Lord Trencham thought he had the perfect arrangement; he married Aunt Boris then started to “work late” with his secretary and undertake a number of fraudulent tax evasion schemes.  He now lives in a caravan on the edge of John Snow’s field.

2014-12-24 07.25.33

Aunt Boris, on the other hand, did rather well for herself.  Following the divorce (which fortunately happened before Lord Trencham was investigated by the tax people) she managed to buy Trencham Castle outright and convert it into a home for orphans, troubled teens and children who needed support, which she runs jointly with her sister Old Mother Hubbard.  Shoe Cottage is now a museum.

2014-12-24 07.26.12

John Snow and the Fairy Godmother still live in the Fairy Godmother’s house, although Aunt Boris did give them a large amount of land to graze cattle.  They opened a holistic therapy shop, specialising in all manner of treatments which could be resolved by careful conversation (and a wave of the magic wand).

2014-12-24 07.26.45

Stan and Stephanie followed through with their promise and went up to the hills to teach the Mousedeer and the bears.  There was a little confusion when Mr Snuggleson saw Stephanie and still refers to her as Mrs Jack, but everything is working out for the best.  They were visited by the Schools Inspectors who did consider marking them down because of where the bears went to the loo, but that was quickly resolved – especially when Stan quietly just handed each of the two Inspectors a pair of trainers and said “you don’t have to outrun the bear, just your colleague.”

2014-12-24 07.27.57

The animals are all happy and we will be taking them to the farm and the zoo later (and probably the cinema… yes, I know I told that joke before, but I think it’s a good one).

Hey, Fairy Godmother, what are you doing back here?

2014-12-24 07.28.47

“Well, Pant-o-mime, it occurred to me that you are not who you say you are.  We’ve seen how your beard has grown over the last few weeks and I realised who you REALLY are.  Come out, Santa!!”


2014-12-24 07.29.52

Ha-ha! Well done Fairy Godmother… and your wish – the one you haven’t told anyone about – is granted!  Finally, can we bring Stephanie back on please – and Catherine, could you bring me my bag?

“But Santa, I don’t want anything else.  I’m really happy and everything has worked out for the best!”

Ah, yes – but there’s a present that I think you will like and will hopefully bring you happiness!  Hold out your hand… there you go!

2014-12-24 07.31.01

“Oh Santa, thank you, it’s…  But they’re GINGER biscuits!! I don’t like GINGER biscuits!!  Now, Bourbons I could understand, but … oh, right… well done!”

And with that, can I thank you, dear reader, for working your way through 24 days of mad story telling.  I hope you enjoyed it and that it will inspire you to tell the stories and tales that you have in your mind.  I hope you have a wonderful, magical few days and that 2015 brings you happiness and joy.

The end!

2014-12-24 07.37.26

Today’s advent present:

2014-12-24 07.31.47

Could only be one last thing… Santa himself!  I had to smile when I saw that he came with two cookies as well as his present bag – I mean, if they had been bourbon biscuits…!  Thanks LEGO once again!


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