Christmas Thank Yous (all)

2014-12-24 07.43.30

Although typically any sort of review of the year should happen at the end – that is, around December 31 (and yes, there will probably be one) – but I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to two companies who have managed to empty some of my piggy bank on an almost regular basis.

Fullscreen capture 24122014 084929.bmp

Firstly, I would like to thank Firestartoys, through whom I have managed to buy all manner of customised bits and parts to make up so many unique figures in my collection and through their website has inspired at least a few of the images, MOCS (My Own Creations) that have been displayed on my blog. If I have needed a particular piece and can’t really justify buying an entire LEGO set for it (such as a moustache) then I have started on their website.   Their website is


My second thank you is who I have used to purchase custom figures over the years, including Minions (and I can remember getting them and being really excited about their launch, before they had put them on their website!!) as well as Scouting figures.  This year they also released a range of customised tiles – and yes, I bought a few of them too!


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