A final advent present! (all)

2014-12-24 16.09.51

Hello, it’s me, Pant-o-mime once more!  Bet you’d thought you’d seen the last of me! What do you mean, yes?

Anyway, I’ve just popped up to share some further story news with you!  Over the last 24 days, in addition to writing the stories I have also been using my phone to record them!  The quality isn’t the best I would have hoped for, I suspect a couple of times the phone got itself tied up trying not to record the alert of an email coming in that it had sent itself… but I recorded them none the less and have uploaded them for you to download… if you like.

To save them, just right click the link and save to your computer (I just tried clicking on them, they open in a new window and start playing – at least, they did on my computer).  They are MP3 file format and are each about 1MB in size.  I have also created a zip file that contains all of the story audio files that’s 29MB.


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