The Advent Story (Day 23) (all) (515 words, mostly pictures)

Hello everyone! It’s the eve of Christmas Eve (actually it’s the morning of the eve of Christmas Eve; perhaps I should write this later then I could say it’s the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve!) Of course, I could have written it last night… but that would have been silly.

So yesterday…

2014-12-23 07.36.02


So the Fairy Godmother opened the letter.

2014-12-23 07.38.15

“It is the official agreement that allows me to turn you back from being a Frog” said the Fairy Godmother. “You can tell it’s official, it’s come with this nodding animal from the zoo.”

“It’s the seal of approval!” smiled Jack.

And with that pun hanging in the air, the Fairy Godmother waved her wand.  Suddenly there was a flash and instead of Stan the Frog was …

2014-12-23 07.39.03

“No. Change again” said Jack.


2014-12-23 07.39.58

“Nope – not that one either.” Said Jack


2014-12-23 07.39.22

“How old do you think I am?” said Stan.


2014-12-23 07.39.39


2014-12-23 07.40.26


2014-12-23 07.41.11

“Good Grief!” said Jack.

“I’m not doing this for you, you know” said the Fairy Godmother.

“Well, looking like that I don’t think you’re doing it for anyone” replied Jack.  “Next please!”

2014-12-23 07.42.43


2014-12-23 07.40.44


2014-12-23 07.42.15

“Wait – go back one.  Yes – that’s the one! That’s Stan!”


They found a mirror and showed Stan.  He was really impressed and pleased.

2014-12-23 07.43.08

“Hey, FG” said Stan “Look, I’m really grateful and everything, but the way this story is panning out I’ll be living with Jack – and much as it’s a modern world…”

“You’d rather be living with a girl.”

“Exactly – I mean they can cook!”


2014-12-23 08.13.21

“Only joking – please turn me back from being a pig!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

2014-12-23 07.43.44

Suddenly Jack was back to being Jack (but not a frog) and Stephanie was looking a little confused.

“Aren’t I supposed to be a boy – isn’t that the rules?” asked Stephanie.

“Heck” said the Fairy Grandmother “The rules were bent and broken days ago.  I’m wondering if Lord Trencham will want me to change Aunt Boris.”

“Nope” called out Lord Trencham. “I like Aunt Boris the way she is.”

Hi again, it’s me, Pant-o-mime.  I know that for many this story seems to be wrapping up early, well in truth tomorrow there will be little happening as we start to get the set taken down ready for the next story, Charles Dickens lesser known story “A Tale of Two Goldfish”.  But we will have our final day tomorrow.  Hello, who are you?  I don’t know if you can see this, it’s a little elf that has just pedalled onto the set.  I’ve been feeding him all year you know, because I adopted him and you know what they say, you have to look after your elf.  If they’re sick you have to take them to a special place – the Elf Service!  And they are very good at making sure that all the ladders are put up properly – they’re very good at Elf and Safety!

2014-12-23 07.44.50

Anyway, what would you like? You want me to go where? But… that’s a secret?  What do you mean, the beard’s a giveaway?  Oh, alright then – bye everyone, see you tomorrow!

Today’s advent present:

2014-12-23 07.45.08

It is the trike, which means I can be pretty certain about tomorrow’s present.  Not sure why they waited until 23rd to introduce this gift, but I do like its construction.  Just as shame (from a story perspective) that it has come in when it did – Jack and Stan could have used it earlier in the month!


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