The Advent Story (Day 22) (all) (549 words)

Hello everyone! I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy Solstice – being the 22nd it is the day after the longest night (or shortest if you’re living in the upside down part of the world) so the nights will start getting shorter (or longer) and the days getting longer (or shorter).

2014-12-22 10.59.36

What’s that Catherine?  You’ve managed to somehow accidently chop the tree down and use it like you did my chair? But what will we do with the presents that we got yesterday? Oh, you’re going to get it sorted? Brilliant – let’s hope that it doesn’t get the story confused.

“Well that’s sorted” said the Fairy Godmother. “Aunt Boris will live with Lord Trencham, John Snow will live in the east wing of Trencham castle and Jack and Stan will live in the cottage that Aunt Boris used to… err… not own.”

“Brilliant” said Stan. “All we need know is a letter from the courts and you can turn me back into being a person.”

“Quite right!” said Fairy Godmother, “and I have just received this letter. Let me open… Catherine, aren’t you supposed to be designing the set?”

“Fairy Godmother I have a problem. I’ve been so busy making the set for the last day that I have been taking wood from everywhere – and I just realised that it included taking the Christmas tree that we had earlier in the story.  It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I think it’s going to be key for the end of the story.”

“You do realise that I’m not a real fairy godmother.” said the Fairy Godmother.

“Oh yes you are” said Catherine.

“Oh no I’m not” said the Fairy Godmother.

“Oh yes you are” said everyone else.

“But I’m really not” said the Fairy Godmother.

“So, how did you get those shoes the other day when we saw that the shop had fully sold out?” asked Jack.

“Oh, OK, I am a Fairy Godmother.  Let’s go.”

And with that, she waved her wand and they were in the wood.

“That’s a lovely tree” said Catherine. “And it’s already strung with lights and they’re on – and there are no wires anywhere.”

“You got me” said the Fairy Godmother.

“How we going to get it back home?” asked Catherine.

“Your wish… is my command” said the Fairy Godmother and she waved her wand. Suddenly Chippy appeared.

“… and the parson said – you don’t get many of those to the pound! Eh, what’s happening?”

2014-12-22 11.01.20

“Give him your present” said the Fairy Godmother.  Catherine started to blush until she realised that she was holding an odd shaped present.  She handed it to Chippy who, whilst still a little confused, opened it.  It was an axe!

2014-12-22 11.01.53

He immediately swung it against the base of the tree. There was a whoosh and everyone was back.

2014-12-22 11.03.23

“Well that was ‘tree’-mendous!” said Chippy.

“You certainly are not ‘bark’-ing up the wrong tree there!” said Catherine.

“And that’s why I’m always so Poplar” said the Fairy Godmother.

“Oak-kay” said Jack.

“I had a wood car once” said Pant-o-mime. “It had wooden seats, a wooden steering wheel, wooden wheels, wooden suspension and a wooden engine.  Mind you, it wouldn’t go…”

“BUT WHAT ABOUT MY LETTER??!!!” exclaimed Stan.

“Ah, we’ll worry about that tomorrow” said Jack.

Today’s advent present:

It’s the tree!  I think it’s the same build as last year, but it’s nice enough.  By my reckoning though I think I can guess what the next two presents will be (based on the box cover) and the order that they will appear.  But I won’t spoil it, instead, I’ll just look at the tree (which, unlike my real tree, doesn’t have a cat in it)

2014-12-22 10.56.02


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