More New Toys (all)

So, my phone contract was up for renewal and I decided to take the opportunity (yes, dad, I know it’s not a toy 🙂 ). So I upgraded from the Samsung S3 to the S5.  Whilst generally it’s still a mobile phone (yes, dad, it makes calls 🙂 ) but the camera is much, much better (apparently now 16MP up from 8MP!) and also has a few other neat gadgety features (such as a heart meter, fingerprint reader, better quality screen display) and so far, I’m very impressed (and I was really impressed with the S3!)  Anyway, a new feature is the ability to embed the front camera picture with the rear one – and apart from a tiny little cropping to remove the background and the addition of some text (oh and reducing the overall picture size to make the upload smaller)…  I think I’m going to have some fun with this one!

2014-12-21 11.25.51

P.S. Sorry Dad – I just remembered the conversation we had when I got all excited about my last smart phone 🙂


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