The Advent Story (day 19)(all)(784 words)

2014-12-19 10.09.27

Hello everyone! Catherine just discovered that we had an ice rink in the set storage and we’ve just been playing on it.  Even though I know it’s only a model of an ice rink, I don’t seem to be able to … woah-woah-wooaahh!!  Stand up!! So, whilst I work out this skating thing, let’s get back to the story!

“So, have we completed all our tasks?” asked Jack. “Will Lord Trencham be bothering Aunt Boris and me for taxes anymore? Can you turn his brother back from being a penguin?  Oh, and what about Jemima?”

The Fairy Godmother paused for thought – what should she tell Jack? What could she tell him and what would he just have to find out?

“Umm, right Jack, well” she began. “I will go to Jemima and find out what she wants to do and where she wants to be.  Being a magic duck, she might be happy where she is – sometimes people are happy wherever they find themselves.

“I will turn back Lord Trencham’s brother.  I promised that and I can do that.  As for Lord Trencham bothering your aunt – well, I guess you ought to go to Lord Trencham’s castle and find out from him. I shall wave my wand and we can go to the Penguin immediately.”

Jack thanked the Fairy Godmother, and with a wave of her wand they had disappeared.

With a big shower of sparks, they were instantly standing in front of The Penguin.

2014-12-19 10.10.14

“’The’” said the Fairy Godmother, “Jack and Stan have completed the tasks that I set them in order to turn you from being a Penguin back to your former self, John Snow.”

She waved the wand and instantly the Penguin was no more. Instead, a well-dressed man stood in his place.

2014-12-19 10.10.30

“Well, hello!” smiled the Fairy Godmother.

“Good morrow, fine lady” said John Snow. “I will return later to take you to dinner and thank you for returning me to my former self. I hear there’s a wonderful sushi restaurant not far from here.”

“I would have thought you would be off raw fish by now?” replied the Fairy Godmother.

John Snow smiled. “Or we can go for fish and chips.  I guess I don’t really want to challenge my eating habits too much right away.”  He turned to Jack and Stan. “Care to join me? I’m going to my brother’s castle.”

Soon they were at the castle.  Inside, the table was spread and Lord Trencham was ready to properly woo Aunt Boris.  He had even had his chief physician choose a special wine to help.

2014-12-19 10.11.17

“My dear” he said “join me in a toast to our new relationship.”

“Toast?” replied Aunt Boris. “But can’t I have some of the turkey that’s there?”

Lord Trencham held out a glass to Aunt Boris (which she took) but before they could raise their glasses there was a knock and the big doors opened and Jack, Stan and John Snow walked in.

2014-12-19 10.12.15

“Jack, Stan?!” exclaimed Aunt Boris. “I thought you were certainly … erm… welcome!”

“What is going on?” asked Lord Trencham. “And who is this?”

“As you know Lord Trencham, I am John Snow, and I have come to claim what is rightfully mine.  The Fairy Godmother explained how you had managed to acquire the title and lands – and actually they should have gone to me except you had me turned into a Penguin and sent into exile in the Cloud Palace.”

“You know how we settle this” continued John Snow. “Like we have always done. Snow Combat.”

Jack and Aunt Boris looked at each other. “That sounds dangerous” said Jack. “I’m going to stand behind the table.”

Aunt Boris added “And I’ll stand behind you.”

Lord Trencham and John Snow stood opposite each other, shoulders square – tense and ready.

“You are clear on the rules?” asked Lord Trencham.

“Quite” replied John Snow. “You’re going to lose everything, brother!”

They stood facing each other, staring hard into each others eyes.

2014-12-19 10.11.51

John Snow started. “On Three.”

“On Three.  One… Two… Three!  Rock!”


“Best of three!” exclaimed Lord Trencham.

“Not this time.  Paper beats rock.  Good bye Brother.”

Lord Trencham shook his fist at his brother.  “I will have my revenge!” he cried. “You have not heard the last of me!” and with that he stormed out.

“Where’s he going?” asked Jack.

“Oh, to his room.  We get to eat this, drink that wine and then watch TV for the evening.  So” said John Snow, looking at the turkey and then Jack, “are you a leg man? Or would you like another part?”

Today’s advent treat

It’s the dinner table, complete with bird, wine bottle and goblets. A neat little present!


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