The Advent Story (Day 17)(all)(674 words)

Hello, it’s me again, Pant-o-mime. You find me looking for that very comfy chair that I had a few days ago – I put it over there next to the big dustbin whilst we moved some sets around and… Catherine, you didn’t throw the big chair away? You didn’t? Oh, good – where is it please? You used it? For scenery? You mean I don’t have my comfy chair anymore? But… we’ve still got 8 days to go! Oh well…
Jack and Stan were starting to struggle under the weight of baubles, chains and other paraphernalia that the Fairy Godmother had got them to get.
2014-12-16 18.32.19
“You sure that’s everything now?” asked Stan. “Only… I don’t think you’ll be able to carry it all back and … well, I’m a frog!”
“I know what I’ll do” said Jack after a few minutes thinking. “I’ll go back to the Fairy Godmother and see if she has something that we can use. You can stay here and guard all this.”
“You do realise that I’m just a frog” said Stan. “It’ll be hard for me to stop a thief.”
“Yes, I know. You need to tell them that you’re a fierce warrior, possessed by a magic spell. If any thieves try to steal anything, tell them that unless they know the secret password you’ll… you’ll turn them into wooden sticks.”
And with that, Jack stuck a number of sticks in the ground.
“Sounds good” said Stan. “Just one question – what’s the password?”
“What password?”
“The one that the thieves are supposed to know?”
“What are you talking about, Stan?”
“Well, if a thief comes up and I say ‘what’s the password’ and he tells me something; how will I know if he’s got it right?”
“Stan, there IS NO secret password.”
“Then, what are they going to tell me?”
“No, No – there is no password. It’s a trick. Whatever they say, it will be the wrong password!”
“How will I know?”
“I… Oh. Right Stan – you decide; what’s the password?”
“I don’t know; that’s why I asked you.”
“Oh, grief! Okay, the password is ‘green onions with big dash of sea spray’”
“Well, I’ll never remember that! How’s anyone supposed to remember that?”
“Look – that’s what it is. Just don’t let anyone steal the stuff.”
Jack ran off towards the Fairy Godmother’s house. He would have liked to have walked, but he had a feeling that Stan really wasn’t sitting squarely on his lily pad and could easily end up giving everything away. It didn’t take him long to get to the house, where the Fairy Godmother was getting off the police snowmobile. Well, it looked like it could be the Fairy Godmother – her blue hair was rigid with ice and her face was bright red and she had the biggest grin on her face.
2014-12-16 18.33.12
“Fairy Godmother, Fairy Godmother!” said Jack, breathlessly. “We’ve got the stuff, but it’s too big and heavy for us to carry in one go. I’ve had to leave Stan behind to guard the stuff!”
Fairy Godmother looked at PC Dibble. “Do the police have a trailer that can be hooked to the snowmobile? We could use my wagon, but I think the wheel would come off if it hit a rut.”
“You know, I think we do!” said PC Dibble. “I’ll go and get it.”
PC Dibble, now very confident with the snowmobile, sped back to the police station. He spoke to the Sarge, who agreed, but only after he had checked the snowmobile for any dents, scratches and dings (luckily, the Fairy Godmother had fixed all of those before PC Dibble returned). The Sarge went into the police garage and pulled out the trailer – which was still in its bag.
2014-12-16 18.34.01
“Brilliant” said PC Dibble. “I’ll bring it back as soon as I have finished.”
“Without any dents, dings or scratches” said the Sarge.

Today’s advent present
Well, I was finally right, it was the trailer for the snowmobile, and as an additional challenge I built it whilst it was still in its bag!
2014-12-16 18.34.32


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