The Advent Story (Day 16) (all) (702 words)

So, you probably don’t need me telling you the back story now, so I can just get on… But first, an actual fact – the average speed of a ‘normal’ reindeer is just 5 miles per hour; for Santa to deliver all the presents to all the children around the world, the reindeer need to average 250 miles per second! No wonder Rudolph had a very shiny nose! Isn’t that interesting?

“I think I need your help” said the Fairy Godmother, to PC Dibble.
“Surely you can just wave your wand and everything is as you want it?” he replied.
“Yes – but this time I think it may need more of a police kind of help. We need to get to Aunt Boris’ house.”
“Wasn’t that Aunt Boris in the cell with you?”
“No – that was Old Mother Hubbard. Aunt Boris just looks like her.”
“Oh, OK. We can take the police sled… if that’s OK with you Sarge?”
Sarge looked up at PC Dibble and his mum.
“Will you bring it back in one – usable – piece? And… will you take HER with you?”
“I’ll try… and yes” said PC Dibble.
“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out then.”
The Sarge threw the keys as PC Dibble, who almost dropped them. But soon they were outside, standing by the snowmobile.
“You have used one before?” asked the Fairy Godmother.
“Err, no…” said PC Dibble. “I was helping you move a cupboard when they did the training.”
“Oh – that’s what you were complaining about?” the Fairy Godmother said.
“Well, that and the fact that you expected me to move it when it was still full of winter coats.”
“Well, put the key in there. Let’s get on – it can’t be that difficult; I saw your sergeant use it.”
PC Dibble put the key in, twisted it and the engine roared into life. He worked out where the accelerator was and gave it a few revs.
“Very nice dear” the Fairy Godmother said “Now put it in gear.”
There was a KER_CHUNK as PC Dibble bluntly engaged the engine. Instantly it started to move forward and gingerly he pressed the accelerator. They slowly moved through the village and with each metre both Dibble’s and his mother’s faces broke into ever wider smiles.
“What do you think this button does?” asked PC Dibble.
“Try it” said his mum.
“Oh….!” Said PC Dibble.
“Well, now you’ve got the siren on, you’d better start moving faster before people think you’re just selling ice cream!”
PC Dibble accelerated. The Fairy Godmother shouted “Faster! Faster!” and very soon they were bouncing over the snow and every little bump.
2014-12-15 19.54.16
“WEEEEE!!!” they both shouted over the sound of the engine. With a whoosh of snow spray they headed off towards Aunt Boris’ house.
When they arrived, they found a most peculiar scene. Lord Trencham was sat on the porch, and Aunt Boris was handing him a cup of tea!
“Are you alright?” asked the Fairy Godmother. “We heard that Lord Trencham had frozen you solid!”
“Oh, yes, he did that” smiled Aunt Boris “and he was ever so sorry. But Trenchy here was shy – weren’t you snugglebunks – and he soon explained everything. He wants me to move to Trencham manor with him and we will be married.”
2014-12-15 19.54.42
“Oh… that’s… err… umm…. Really??” asked the Fairy Godmother.
“Yes – but he won’t let Jack move in as well. But fortunately, you’ve sent him and that stupid frog off to certain death, so that won’t be a problem for us? Happy ever after.”
PC Dibble just sat on the snowmobile, trying hard to work out what was going on. Could he arrest someone for making plans based on someone else’s actions?
The Fairy Godmother was astounded too. She had sent Jack and Stan off on their mission so that Aunt Boris would not have to pay Lord Trencham another penny in tax – and if they were successful she was to turn Lord Trencham’s penguin brother back into a real person!
“But what about your brother?” asked the Fairy Godmother.
“Oh, he can stay a Penguin for all I care” he said “I’m the baddie, remember?”

Today’s advent present:
2014-12-15 19.55.45
Is the police snowmobile! I was wrong – I thought the sled we got the other day would be a trailer, but based on the back of the snowmobile I think that there may be another sled on its way. It’s a neat build and a few clever tricks in making it.


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