The Advent Story (Day 7)(all)(705 words)

2014-12-06 18.25.08

Hello! Welcome to Day 7! Hopefully you’ll be as pleased as I am that we are now down from Cloud Palace and back on the ground!  In other news, we’ve reached an agreement with Brian’s Carrots that we don’t have to say how good they are at the start of every episode!  So, let’s get on!

2014-12-06 18.26.36

“Where’s my money?!” shouted Lord Trencham. “You owe me tax money!”

“Here” said Jack. “Take this.”

“What is it?” asked Lord Trencham.

“It’s a golden egg” replied Jack. “Although it was cube-shaped earlier.”

“How do I know how good this is – it could be a chocolate egg.”

“We measured it… it’s worth 24 of Brian’s Carrots.”

“A 24-carrot golden egg?” said Lord Trencham. “Alright, that will cover last months and this months. But next month I’ll want my money again!”  He turned to walk away, before stopping and turning back. “And next month is only 25 days away – less if you ignore weekends and bank holidays. BWAHAHAHA!!!!”

Lord Trencham walked away.  Aunt Boris looked at Jack.

“You were lucky there Jack” said Aunt Boris. “You managed to get enough to save us this time, but we are going to need more soon.”

“I know” said Jack, “But we can worry about in a while.  Let’s go home.”

On the way back, they passed a few fields, and the farmers were out working the land. Stan, with his extensive reading knowledge, was able to tell Jack and Aunt Boris the make and model of every piece of farmyard machinery out there.  He was especially good at the details of the tractors.

“That’s a Ford 4100; that’s a John Deere; that’s a … wow! That’s a 1961 Massey Ferguson 35 Industrial 3 cylinder!  You don’t see many of those these days!”

“You certainly know your tractors” said Jack.

“Yes, a boy hood hobby” said Stan.  “But I had to stop, I got far too engrossed in collecting everything that I could.”

They approached Aunt Boris’ house, where they saw smoke coming from one of the windows.

2014-12-06 18.27.56

“My cakes!” exclaimed Aunt Boris. “They must have caught fire whilst I was out!  Oh, and I forgot to bring my keys with me!!”

“You could try getting in like a burglar?” suggested Jack.

“How’s that?” asked Aunt Boris.

“You go ‘intruder’ window!”

But Stan knew what to.  He hopped off Jack’s shoulder and ran across to the door. He rushed to the letterbox and started to suck out all the smoke. Almost instantly it was all sucked out.

“That’s incredible!” said Aunt Boris.

“I told you” said Stan, “I’m an ex-tractor fan.”

Jack walked round to the door.

“Hey, you left one of your windows open. We can climb in through there.”

“I’ll go first” said Aunt Boris, and started to heave herself through the window.

2014-12-06 18.29.13

“Ooh, me baubles!” Aunt Boris cried out.  Jack and Stan looked at each other.

“I did wonder” said Stan.

“Me too” said Jack. “I guess it’s another one of the rules.”

There was a grunt, then the sound of something crashing to the ground.

“Jack – come and look at my baubles.  I think I’ve broken them.”

Jack called back.

“Err… is that necessary? I don’t really want to…”

“No!” cried Aunt Boris “My Christmas tree baubles! I can’t see so well and I may have crushed the box that they were in!”
“Still doesn’t fill me with confidence” said Jack.  “But OK…”

Outside the house, within earshot but out of sight, Lord Trencham was listening carefully.  He was still holding the Golden Egg, when he was tapped on the leg with a flipper.

2014-12-06 18.30.03

“I think you will find that’s MY egg.” Said The Emperor Penguin.

“It must have made your eyes water” said Lord Trencham, looking down at the penguin.

“Give it back to me, or you will get hurt.”

“I can’t tell if you’re bluffing” said Lord Trencham, “You’ve got playing cards stuck to your face.”

“This is my poker face” replied Emperor.

Today’s advent present:

2014-12-06 18.30.46

Is the window and table decoration.  It’s quite a sweet little build.  I would say (to be picky) it isn’t LEGO’s best set of build instructions, but I’ve ended up with something that is quite neat – and there are a few useful bits that can be reused after christmas.


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