The Advent Story (Day2) (All) (654+ words)

Quick Author note: it was pointed out yesterday that I got the story initials wrong (hey, like THAT was the weird thing!) Anyway, I thought about how I’d called the story “The Advent Story With No Name” – which of course is inaccurate as that would be the name, so … anyway, I decided that The Advent Story probably makes more sense…

2014-12-02 19.31.53

Hello! Welcome back! You catch me just as I’m about to take a drink of my lovely coffee, brewed by StarBlocks. They only use the finest beans you know, which is why I only drink StarBlocks coffee. Well, only when StarBlocks coffee pay me to drink StarBlocks coffee, but anyway… drink StarBlocks. Can I get on with the story now, please?

Anyway, in case today was a long day and you’ve forgotten what happened yesterday here’s a catch up:
There was a young man called Jack
Who went to sell his cow for a pack
But on the way there
He stopped for a pair
Of cookies and now he don’t want to go back.

I tried to tell stories that rhyme
To be honest it helps the pass the time
But my lyrics are poor
I’m oft shown the door
And then I can’t think of the last line to finish it off.

Anyway, my rhyming aside, Jack met Colin, who was looking for a special post box so he could post his letter to Santa. Colin asked Jack to help him look and Jack agreed, but secretly hoped that they wouldn’t find it quickly so he wouldn’t have to explain to his Aunt Boris what a poor deal he had made selling Daisy. Oh, and there’s a plant – I’m sure that’s useful somewhere along the line.

“Come on Jack” said Colin, “It’s got to be around here somewhere. I’m sure I saw a flash of red.”
Jack spotted the postbox. Nerks, he thought, this’ll be over quickly. But just as he started to point in the wrong direction to distract Colin, a small voice distracted him.

2014-12-02 19.33.22

“Mind your feet!” said the small voice.
Both Colin and Jack looked down. There was a frog.
“Did you say something?” asked Jack.
“Yes, big boots, I said Mind your feet! You were about to tread on me!”
“Wow!” said Colin. “A talking frog! Coooool!”
“Why is that a surprise?” replied the frog. “I can tap dance and play the saxophone, but no-one asks me about those!”
“Do you have a name?” asked Jack.
“Of course!” replied the frog. “My name is Stanley Emeritus Jefferson Carmichael Smythe Johnson Hyde the 40762nd. The Smythe is written silently.”
“Stanley Emeritus Jefferson Carmichael Johnson Hyde the 40762nd” said Jack.
“No, Stanley Emeritus Jefferson Carmichael Smythe Johnson Hyde the 40762nd. The Smythe is only written silently. Look, just call me Stan.”
“You sound very posh” said Colin.
“I am” replied Stan, proudly. “I have read everything that is in the library. I got my chicken friend to test me the other day; she went into the library and checked out three items. She came back to me and said ‘Book, book, book’. I looked at each of them and said ‘read it, read it, read it’”
“So you’ll know where the post box is?” said Colin excitedly.
“Yes, of course” said Stan, “it’s right over… hang on, what’s a ‘post box’?”
“You don’t know?” asked Colin.
“Of course not!” exclaimed Stan. “I’m a frog!” Stan turned to Jack. “Your friend’s not very bright, is he?”
Colin then explained what a post box looked like and Stan nodded wisely. Actually, he only nodded – he still had no idea what the heck they were looking for. But he said he would help, secretly hoping that someone else would find it first.

2014-12-02 19.35.18

They looked up on high, they looked down low. They looked behind bushes and inside dustbins. They looked behind a quick growing plant. They spent AGES looking for the post box. Eventually though, Stan had searched enough.
“Guys,” he said, “why don’t we just call it quits and head over to my friend Jimmy the Mushroom. We call him that because he’s a fun guy to be with.”
“Perhaps” said Jack. “We can try again tomorrow. One question though – why are you at my eye level?”
“The post box!” cried Colin.

2014-12-02 19.35.53

Day 2 Advent present:
It’s the post box and Stan the frog! The postbox is a nice little build – I like the use of cheese pieces to make it look like there has been some snow fall. If I was to be picky, it’s a shame that the post box isn’t printed or have a label.
Stan the Frog is an odd touch though. I’m not aware of any winter themed frog stories – perhaps it could be a princess… may be there is more to Stan than we might first have realised…


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