A tad unhappy (all)


So the fuel distributor Shell has started to release LEGO promotional items with the purchase of the higher grade fuel.  The sets aren’t bad, although in order to reduce costs they have used stickers on the figures.  But the reason for this blog is because today I hit a snag.

I took Buddy out to commute to work, and on the way back I filled up when I was close to home.  Buddy will do about 100 miles (give or take) before I need to refill – and and best will take about £20 of fuel.  So having filled up near work and rode back (65 miles) I reckon I was about 1/4 full.  So I filled up.

“Could I buy one of the sets?” I asked the man at the till.

“No, you haven’t spent £30”

“But I’m riding a motorbike. It won’t take £30 of petrol.”

Shrug and polite smile. “Sorry, those are the rules.”

So I’m not sure what Shell want me to do.  I’m more than happy to just pour £20 of fuel over their forecourt if they would like – but that all seems a little silly.

Hurrah for the opportunity to rant on my blog.


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