Lighting the Display (All)

One of the things I like (when I can remember) is to add lighting to my displays.  I like that in some cases, the lighting can then improve the shadows, especially when I turn the main “house lights” off.  My own LEGO lighting is quite old – around 30-ish years and whilst the lights are still working, they do flicker.  Regular readers might remember that I did buy some high beam LED lights which to the job (to a point), but typically require me to point them “off” to work.

However, I did follow a link from a Facebook group recently (Brick Fanatics if I recall correctly) to a company called “LiteupBlock” which are selling Lego lighting bricks.   I decided to order a street lamp, a light bar and two light bricks.

2014-11-14 15.39.26

The purple brick (front, left) is a solid light with a push switch at the back.  The white brick flashes through a rainbow of colours, and has touch sensitive ends.  Both are really cool – but at the moment I haven’t worked out what I will do with them.

The Light bar (not shown) is a series of lights mounted within a 4×1 plate and is powered by USB. I think this will work well as a strip light for an interior model – and the USB means that I won’t be scrabbling around for little batteries!  Finally, the street light is also a single LED powered by USB – and works really well on my street.  I chose the yellow light as I think it is more inkeeping with the “old style” of lamp post.

these four lights came to $10USD (what I thought was quite reasonable really) and I can see me ordering more streetlights in the future.  They also sell a 9×9 light block (so you can recreate Saturday Night Fever if you wanted to!)

2014-11-14 15.39.37

A big thanks to for sending me them so quickly!


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