The Finished (?) Sugar Skull (all)

I finished the sugar skull the other day, and overall, I wasn’t happy with it.  In the camera’s eye, the blue seemed to be bright and vibrant and yet from my own eye it looked dark and all those patterns were hidden.  I also realised that whilst I had intended to cover the whole skull in shapes and images, with a logical left side and artistic right, for me it just didn’t quite work and looked overcrowded. But I had enjoyed the time creating this and yes, there were parts that I did enjoy.

At this time of year, I like to go shopping for stuff to decorate the house (if it’s good enough it stays up all year, not just for Halloween) and following from my little art project I wanted to create another skull.  And we found one.  This was more “skull” shaped and in “dirt bone yellow” colour, but it also had a little light that glowed against the glittered inside.  “We could spray it” was the magic words that I wanted to hear.

Back at Frog HQ, Mrs Frog offered me a number of spray cans that we could use and I chose the chrome silver.  She then sprayed the new skull, leaving me to then paint/draw over it.  I’ve quite gotten into using the Fine Point permanent ink marker pens for this (Sharpies) as I feel I am better able to control the ink, without leaving the brush marks (as with so much of what I do, it’s close up, so I like neat edges).

Even allowing for the join lines, where you can see the three parts of the skull were joined, I preferred this skull.  The overall effect is (for me anyway) cleaner and neater, and the chrome finish gives it a weight that completes it.

And so, like the Grand Masters of old, we took the first skull and sprayed it chrome.   I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out this time 🙂


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