Zombie Apocalypse (teen)

Over on my Instagram account, a couple of people created a #zeptemberzombies challenge to produce zombie characters in scenes and pictures.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get enough time together to edit the images to a level I would be happy with – far too busy creating a LEGO version of Kenny from South Park (and I have found a number of ways in which Kenny was killed, whiich I will recreate and publish later).

Anyway, my mind wandered to the more useful hints and tips that you might like to consider when dealing with a zombie outbreak.



It is important to recognise a zombie from another person.  The following images may help.  

20140908_135125 20140908_135213

Note that the “Old Person” may show behaviours like the zombie and mummy (shuffling, confusion, distractedness, slowness, etc) but they aren’t zombies.  Similarly, the “Teenager” (especially before 11am) may also show the general signs of confusion but should also be considered as not zombie. If anything Teenagers should be protected from “Hot Zombies” as programmes like “Twiddlelight Diaries” will have confused them to think that hot zombies are safe.  Also, watch out for Goths who (in certain groups) may also show signs of zombieness (although other Goths will often shun them as not-goth).


20140908_135456 20140908_135844 20140908_135949


20140908_140855 20140908_141141 20140908_135355 20140908_140201 20140908_140339 20140908_140622



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