Nellie, The Forgetful Elephant (all)

I was looking through Google at Cubeecraft characters – free, downloadable patterns that you can download. printout, fold and create – when I thought, “I wonder if I could create something like that in LEGO?”

The format seemed simple enough – 2×2 for the legs, 3×3 for the body, 6X4 for the head. Getting the right bits for the 2×1 arms was a fun little challenge, as was ensuring that the eyes were “right” on the head.  Once I’d finished, I realised that having created it in grey, it should really be a trunk!  

I have no idea if someone has already created one or not (google didn’t show up anything), but it was a fun little creation that should provide an interesting challenge in getting everything to fit together!

So, here is Nellie, my forgetful elephant.

nellie the elephant


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