A very Whovian day!

Yesterday was the first episode of Doctor Who with the new Doctor.  I certainly won’t spoil it in case you haven’t seen it, but I thought it was very, very good – and I can see (based on this episode) that it is very possible that the whole story line could become more adult (like Torchwood did) if the writers let it.  

But for Sue and me, the whole day had a a Doctor Who feel, as we begun the day by driving to Cardiff and the Doctor Who Experience.  Unfortunately, the walking tours were booked – and doubly unfortunately there was some Extreme Sailing (whatever that is) going on as well and the whole of the bay area was covered in stalls and people.  So when we went to the bay, to look for Ianto’s shrine, it was difficult to work out where the main Torchwood entrance was (Jack would have had to fight his way past someone selling hot dogs).  But we found the “shrine” which was both weird and cool.

 2014-08-23 14.27.00 2014-08-23 14.27.24

As for the experience – well, it was a brilliant one.  As we now have a new Doctor, the experience will change from the previous doctor to the new doctor, and I’m sure that I will go back to have a look.  What was good though was seeing the various Daleks, TARDIS(es?) Cybermen and outfits.  A brilliant day out!

2014-08-23 13.42.56 2014-08-23 13.44.04 2014-08-23 13.34.42 2014-08-23 13.35.16 2014-08-23 13.36.06


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