Why so serious? (pg)

2014-08-03 08.42.38

I know I’ve commented in the past how many of the franchised products from the Lego/Batman camp seem to be a little more adult than I would have considered appropriate for the age range – having read the graphic novel on the Arkham Asylum for example I am surprised that they haven’t released a lego counsellor set…  But this year at the San Diego Comic Con there was an announcement that Lego was releasing a Heath Ledger version of the Joker.

Previous Jokers in Lego seemed to have been based on either the Cesar Romero character or the Jack Nicholson version – both almost child friendly.  However, in my opinion, this incarnation is where things have gone just a little too psychotic – Heath Ledger’s Joker was a man who had definitely fallen off the side of normal.

But hey, it sells – and sells well.  The picture above is of a clone figure, released about a week after the announcement.  The head and printing is obviously not as tidy as a proper Lego character… but then, perhaps that works better?


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