ooh, a little bit political… (teen+)

2014-08-03 08.18.51

“Daddy – why are Mr Shell and Mr Greenpeace fighting?”


There has been a recent public campaign by Greenpeace UK to get LEGO to pull out of their contract with Shell in response to Shell’s exploration for oil in the Artic. In their advertisements, Greenpeace UK have used LEGO to highlight all of this and recently, have made a version of “Everything is Awesome” to further this campaign.  Because of the way certain social media platforms work, this campaign was “recommended” to me – and it has appeared on my timeline after a friend “liked” it.  It has even been discussed in a LinkedIn LEGO Interest group.

I don’t often get on my soap box – especially on this blog site – but there are a few things that frustrate me about this campaign.  Probably the largest point to all this is that I don’t see quite what is achieved here.  In 1992, LEGO introduced OCTAN as its own petrol company.  Before then, yes, LEGO cars were powered by Shell but since then any LEGO/Shell output has been for very limited promotional items.  So really, for over 20 years, LEGO has had very little to do with Shell – unlike (say) all the newspapers that are sold outside the Shell forecourts…



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