don’t we scrub up well! (all)

So I posted a picture of “mini-Sue” picking out what to wear for last weekend…  Here’s what we decided upon.

2014-07-01 21.13.38

Sadly, none of the pictures that I took really show off Sue’s actual outfit – but trust me, this was quite close!  I also made a mini bride and groom for the event as well – must as I was pleased to capture the groom’s outfit (which was easy 🙂 ) the bride’s dress was way, way better than what I decided to use and any of the options in my Lego box – which is how it should be; she was stunning.

Denis and Dani – congratulations again.

2014-07-01 19.38.50

(oh and yes, I did take them to the wedding – here they are at the reception!)

2014-06-28 17.41.54


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