More 3D Printing (all)

Having been inspired by my 3D printed ring, I returned once more to to see what other goodies they made – this time with a Lego mind set (you can get so caught up with gadgets, gizmos and other things there!).  As I searched through I found a few items that I decided to get printed.


2014-06-27 07.58.38

The first three items formed the basis for my new super hero – Snow Leopard.  Originally I thought of a more relaxed character (Cat-a-tonic – a relaxed hero with a drink challenge) and was going to paint them up, but I when I got these items I thought I would leave them in their original white.  I now need to think about what superpowers my superhero has 🙂

So the cowl, torso shield and the glasses are all 3D printed – the glasses lightly clip in place, possibly not as well as goggles on standard lego figures, but well enough and when raised sit on the rough surface without issue.  The cowl and the armour were tight to fit and hold well in place.

I love the rough texture to these parts, it adds a cool additional dimension to the elements.  I also bought one other piece, which I will blog separately about.


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