Music (probably getting old) (all)


I was listening to the Pet Shop boys at the weekend – an old album we have (“Disco”) – and I was thinking how modern it sounded. Then I realised that many of the tracks I now listen to (especially in the dance/trance genre) are effectively just remixes and borrowed bits from previous tracks.  It’s still good, but it does seem that the mainstream relies on preexisting music.

I do realise that it is how it’s put together (listening to Utah Saints is proof of that).
But then, I didn’t mind when Vanilla Ice used Queen’s “under pressure” for “Ice Ice Baby”…
(That was in 1990…. and I’ve discovered that it came 5th in the VH1 list of the 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever!)


3 thoughts on “Music (probably getting old) (all)

  1. A “song I sing” to my pre-teen daughter daily!! She was listening to this great “new” song and I started singing it. She was baffled (sp?). I was “damn proud”. I guess we are classics then aren’t we:-)

    1. I do smile when I hear of a ‘new’ song, and it’s effectively a cover.
      That said, I love listening to a podcast called Coverville which just plays covers of songs – some are brilliant (it got me into listening to Big Daddy, the Baseballs and Me First and the Gimme Gimmies) 🙂

      1. Sounds like good listening. CBC radio morning does an “under the covers” spot every hour and they play some great tunes. I’ll have to have a listen to Coverdale in the interim. Thanks for the intel:-)

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