One ring to bind them all (all)

This week I took delivery of a new piece of jewelry – a ring.  But of course for me to blog about it, you know that there has to be a little more to it than that.


So here it is. It’s made through 3D printing, so the rough edges are the result of that printing step.  It is a stainless steel matt bronze construction, so they use a powder to create the ring (I’d thought that they would print the mould, then pour in the metal – but it’s way more cool than that!!)

But whilst that is pretty cool in itself (you know that this is truly a one off creation!) it is the design of this ring that got me hooked. Yes, it’s design allows me to put Lego onto those two round studs on the top!  Having tried to fit MegaBlocks and other construction bricks onto my Lego bricks I know that the tolerances aren’t always as exact as Lego (it has been a noted point that Lego has incredibly consistent construction) and you can end up with a loose fit – but my fears were allayed – this fits lego well and has sufficient clutch power in the connection to make it last.

I’m so happy! 🙂


If you are looking something that is really unusual, quite geeky and unique – then have a look at Shapeways website –





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