The Mixels are here! (all)

I’m guessing you might be thinking, “the what now?”  Given the enthusiasm that Lego has (rightly) given to its film The Lego Movie and all the associated Lego tie-in goodies, this interesting little theme could have slipped through without much attention.

Well, TA-DA!!!  I’ve found that my local toy shop sells them 🙂

Each bag cost £2.99, which isn’t bad when you consider that the collectible series for the Friends animals are the same price point. What you do get is a weird jumble of bits which would be excellent if you want to build articulated models (say robot Mecha armies), but actually the guys are wierdly fun in their own right.  Series 1 has nine figures – and Lego have already shown in the little building instructions booklet that there will be at least three more series to come.  I started by buying three, to get a feel for them:


The basic premise for these characters are that they are made up of the basic building blocks of LEGO matter: Fire, Rock, Electricity and more.  Each Mixel can be merged with others from the same “tribe”; three from the same group is apparently a “MAX”, but a mix from different tribes is a “MURP”.  Of course with each name is a character is a back story or a description.

There is reference to some weird little “baddy” characters called NIXELS – but there’s no information on if, let alone when, these additionally interesting characters might come out.  Personally, having seen their faces, I’d want them just for the round disc alone!

Whether I’ll get the rest of the series remains to be seen (bet I do though) – if only because they sort of remind me of Lego versions of the side characters in the Muppets – you know, the ones that don’t have a lot of features but look cool… like Beaker?


For more information on the Mixels, head over to






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