The twelve days of Christmas (a review)

OK, I was probably being a little clever. But my dad pointed out that he didn’t really get the images from the last twelve days… which were the twelve days of christmas – or at least my Lego take with all the limitations that might bring. So, as a recap:

A Partridge in a pair tree..

"Yes" said Mary "But the partridge has just landed on the leftovers"

Two Turtle Doves…

"apparently there's been a rush on them, what with Christmas and all..."

Three French Hens

"But they might be useful later..."

Four Collie Birds (I always thought they were Calling Birds!)

"I have no idea what they are supposed to look like either; this is what the man in the Pet Shop gave me..."

Five Gold Rings…

"The others are on back order - It has been an expensive Christmas this year" added Mark

Six Geese a Laying…

I guess that what'll happen if you give six of them a job..

Seven Swans a swimming..

Can you tell me what these swans were doing, sir?

Eight maids a Milking…

“well” said Mark “as there’s 9 of you…”

Nine Ladies Dancing…

Disco Stu even came along...

Ten Lords a Leaping…

They said they can share if there's not much space

Eleven Pipers Piping…

But these eleven fellows could come at short notice

Twelve drummers drumming..

"It may have been due to the previous eleven days..."


I may not have learned my lesson though…


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