Tea Duelling – The Rules

At the Kew Steampunk Exhibition (http://steampunk.kbsm.org/)  I managed to acquire the Rules for “Tea Duelling”.  I transcribed these rules and posted them here for your pleasure. Posts received reflect that they are now available elsewhere, so rather than upset people – or reflect rules that may have been updated – i have removed the rules from this post and request that interested parties use the links below (and hope that these sites are maintained).

– Charles De Grue.

12 thoughts on “Tea Duelling – The Rules

  1. A most excellent post. It is truly laudable that you have laid down the rules for this most noble of sports for us all. I fear that I would be classed as a bounder and a cad, since my weapon of choice would be the Plain Chocolate Digestive which, as we all know, is banned.

      1. Dear Miss Trusham,
        Thank you for your response. Not being the creator of these rules I would have to defer to what consumables would be suitable post dueling. Personally I prefer cucumber sandwiches with the crusts removed; however my colleagues consider this quite modern.

  2. As the recently crowned “Lone Star Champion Tea Duellist” (Nightmare Machine, Jefferson, TX; 2012. Dale Rowlins as Tiffin Master), I wish to register a new technique with the committee. Any Ideas how to do that? The “Texas Hold’em” Strategy found great success during our tourney.

    1. Hello and Welcome Carlos!
      I would suggest that the person I believe is the author of these rules is one Doctor Geof; he can be found via a quick search on the web (Try: Island of Doctor Geof).

  3. you will find that Tea Duelling is a concept created and developed by Geof Banyard (aka Doctor Geof) and John Naylor (aka Tinker). The creators exert all rights to the concept, titles, imagery and rules.

    more information as well as the rules can be found here: http://teaduel.yolasite.com/

    ~Lady Animalia, North Island Tiffenmistress of NZ~

    1. Lady Animalia, thank you for your response. I published these rules following a search on the internet to see if these rules existed and at the time they did not.
      I will endeavour to amend my page to reflect a link to the rules accordingly.

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