X is for X-Ray (all)

2014-10-18 09.02.26

So, here’s what I think may be “top tips” for model photography:

  • Allow the picture to tell the story wherever possible; not everyone speaks the same language as you
  • Take the photograph considering Point of View – in the case above, we are at the same height as the characters, allowing us to be part of it all.
  • Get the best angle to “hide your cheats” – the Xray machine is made in two unconnected parts and … the patient is only a set of legs…

SWAT (all)

“Yes madam, that IS big, but Spider removal is not what we do…”

2014-10-18 08.36.27

Staying Alive! (all)

2014-10-17 17.59.09

I was thinking of a picture for the letter “S” (for the month’s instagram picture a day challenge that I am doing) … My thoughts went to “S is for Spooky”. I put the figures onto this board which has lights that change colour – Sue immediately said “Oh, Staying Alive!”  I then realised that this was a great play on words!

Doctor, Doctor (1) (all)

“Doctor, I’m getting a stabbing pain in my chest.  Should I be worried?”2014-10-17 17.53.40

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood (all)

2014-10-17 17.52.26

rock and a hard place (all)

2014-10-14 20.36.12 - Copy

flaky scales (all)

2014-10-14 20.30.24

Bare necessities (all)


And he forgot all his worries and his strife…

One at a time! (All)


Some people I had to avoid today (all)

Today it was rainy and drizzly. People were far more preoccupied with themselves, thus requiring ninja deftness to dodge the following:






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