A collection of holiday pics (all) (made with @flipagram)

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Yarr! Pirate Booty! (all)

2014-08-20 11.41.46


I’m so pleased with this little fellow.  We had gone to Cornwall (Perranporth, to be precise) to find LEGO washed up on the beach, but instead found this figure (and a small takeaway box of LEGO bits) in the potter’s shop at Lands End.  Truly, pirate booty from Cornwall!

you can’t see me (all)

DSCN0447 - CopyI

The Invisible Man (all)


Saturday Night Fever (all)

2014-08-13 16.01.35

Flame on! (all)

2014-08-13 15.15.42

I used the head and head covering from “Infearno” (from the Ultra Agents theme) to create this

The Fantastic Four (all)

2014-08-13 15.17.52

Given LEGOs preoccupation with all things franchised… it seems a shame to me that these are in fact imported minifigures. Hey Ho.

Ain’t no big Thing (all)

2014-08-13 15.13.41

up and away (all)

I deliberately made the balloon with no standard colour set – which was quite a challenge!

2014-08-11 08.19.49 2014-08-11 08.25.59

Poets and Dreamers (all)






The small art piece here is a celebration of one of the finest thinkers of his day – Procrastus Manyana (378BC).  Procrastus studied with Socrates – or rather, would have studied with Socrates if he had ever turned up for lessons. When asked when he would actually deliver any philosophical thoughts on a specific subject, Procrastus would speak about wild and fanciful reasons on how he felt he was being rushed.  Socrates was once heard to remark to Philosophes, “Procrastus Manyana has his head so far in the clouds, that the gods in Olympus must surely recognise his face”.  Philosophes was said to respond, “No my friend, his head is not in the clouds it is up his….” (translation is a bit difficult here).

2014-08-10 17.33.472014-08-10 17.35.25  2014-08-10 17.35.502014-08-10 17.36.03



Authors Note (After publishing something similar in the past):

1. Procrastus Manyana is (as far as I can find) NOT a real person.  If there is a real person, then I will apologise to them tomorrow.

2.  There was a Procrustus.  This is one scary dude.

3.  There was a Socrates.  There was not a Philosophes (at least, not until the 18th Century and it was a group of French philosophers).

3.  The truth in all this is that we bought the display jar and before anyone could put anything else in it, I’d built this and installed it.



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