Nathan Sawaya – The Art of The Brick (all)

Nathan Sawaya is an American artist who uses LEGO as the medium for his art.  His exhibition, The Art of The Brick, has moved from America and is enjoying a short residency at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane (how wonderfully ironic!!)  Some of his art is really well known, “Yellow” being an example.

I was fortunate to be able to get along and see it – and it is an amazing exhibition.  Unlike LEGO shows where people showcase their work on portable tables, this is an art gallery and the LEGO is a medium for art.  It’s the difference between going to a comicbook show and seeing a show of Roy Lichtenstein’s work.  What this means is that (I felt) that there were more than a few peoples perceptions challenged.

2014-10-21 16.32.44

I was also able to be able to take photographs – so I have a huge collection of images (don’t worry, I won’t share them all!).  What I was also able to do (once back home amongst my bricks :) ) was to try and recreate his works… but in minifigure size!  In most cases though, what I constructed was from memory rather than reference to the actual pictures – so you will notice that some are “the wrong way round” or not to the same scale – and that’s fine, these are my versions inspired by rather than duplicates of.

2014-10-21 17.02.32  2014-10-24 11.08.57 2014-10-21 16.46.562014-10-24 11.49.18 2014-10-21 16.48.242014-10-24 11.49.502014-10-21 16.56.47  2014-10-24 10.41.33

On the way out (past the tables where you could release your inner builder / artist) I of course wandered round the gift shop.  By the exit I noted that you could buy your own piece of Nathan Sawaya art – a skull, in Red, Blue or Green.  Now, whilst the opportunity to buy genuine art is always great, I did think that this art would just blend into my collection – and that I should really be able to do this myself.  I did ask if there were instructions that I could buy – I was told that I wasn’t the first person to ask, but I could take pictures if I wanted?  What an opportunity!  The lady even took the skull out of the perspex case so I could take photographs from all angles… 2014-10-21 17.32.33

X is for X-Ray (all)

2014-10-18 09.02.26

So, here’s what I think may be “top tips” for model photography:

  • Allow the picture to tell the story wherever possible; not everyone speaks the same language as you
  • Take the photograph considering Point of View – in the case above, we are at the same height as the characters, allowing us to be part of it all.
  • Get the best angle to “hide your cheats” – the Xray machine is made in two unconnected parts and … the patient is only a set of legs…

SWAT (all)

“Yes madam, that IS big, but Spider removal is not what we do…”

2014-10-18 08.36.27

Staying Alive! (all)

2014-10-17 17.59.09

I was thinking of a picture for the letter “S” (for the month’s instagram picture a day challenge that I am doing) … My thoughts went to “S is for Spooky”. I put the figures onto this board which has lights that change colour – Sue immediately said “Oh, Staying Alive!”  I then realised that this was a great play on words!

Doctor, Doctor (1) (all)

“Doctor, I’m getting a stabbing pain in my chest.  Should I be worried?”2014-10-17 17.53.40

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood (all)

2014-10-17 17.52.26

rock and a hard place (all)

2014-10-14 20.36.12 - Copy

flaky scales (all)

2014-10-14 20.30.24

Bare necessities (all)


And he forgot all his worries and his strife…

One at a time! (All)



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